Amazfit watches with ultra accurate GPS and 150+ Sports modes are rolling out worldwide

Keeping tabs on your performance and general well-being has never been easier since the inception of the smartwatch. A glance at your wrist can keep you in chime with more than just step count and heart rate.

While the wellness industry is booming with products that focus on improving people’s health, fitness and wellness, what Amazfit’s latest fitness smartwatches, the GTR 4 and GTS 4, offer is not simply an evaluation of one’s physical well-being but a guide to a new style of living.

As a leading global smart ‘wearables’ brand, Amazfit has been keeping its eyes on providing the smoothest and most comfortable user experience since day one. The brand is well-known for developing products that combine style, personality and well-rounded functionality. So, what makes the latest generation so attractive, aside from the brand’s already competitive health management system?

(Image credit: Zepp Health)

Simply put, the latest generation smartwatches now feature the industry’s first-ever dual-band circularly-polarised GPS antenna technology. For all you adventurers out there, this means that the Amazfit GTR 4 & GTS 4 are now capable of boasting GPS tracking up to 99% as accurate as hand-held GPS locators in open air scenarios.

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