The Kindle Scribe might convince me to get an e-reader I can write on

Amazon recently announced its newest e-reader: the Kindle Scribe. This 10.2-inch tablet has all the same features the best Kindles are known for, including easy access to one’s Kindle library — and Amazon’s giant online store of books and magazines and audio books. But the new tablet takes things further by including a writable screen. Yes, you’ll be able to write directly on the Kindle Scribe using an included digital pen.

My initial reaction to the Kindle Scribe was: “Why would anyone want a writable e-reader?” I know writable e-readers like the reMarkable 2 and Kobo Nia exist, but I always saw these as a novelty. At least for myself. I own the 2018 Kindle Paperwhite, and only need it for reading books. I’ve never once had a desire to write on it. I don’t jot down notes on physical books, so why would I want to do that on a reading device?

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