How to pre-order Nintendo Switch OLED Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Edition

Nintendo has announced a brand new Nintendo Switch OLED Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Edition, a limited edition version of the popular handheld/home console hybrid themed around the upcoming game. And we’ve all got all the pre-order details you need down below. 

Nintendo somewhat regularly releases special-edition models of the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch OLED, and previous versions have included console ties in with Animal Crossing New Horizons and Splatoon 3. However, the Nintendo Switch OLED Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Edition could be one of the most popular limited edition models yet.  

While there are no hardware changes here — it’s just a regular Nintendo Switch OLED with a Pokemon-themed skin — the console is rapidly selling out across retailers. This isn’t a shock, Pokemon collectors are some of the most passionate around, and limited edition merchandise tends to sell out very quickly. So, if the Nintendo Switch OLED Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Edition has caught your eye, you want to bookmark this page as we’re keeping an eye out for restocks before launch. 

The limited edition console is currently scheduled to release on November 4, that’s exactly two weeks before the Pokemon Scarlet & Violet game launches. And while most retailers are now sold out of pre-orders, we’re expecting to see some additional release day stock. Below you’ll find all the links you need to secure your limited edition Nintendo Switch OLED Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Edition. 

Where to pre-order Nintendo Switch OLED Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Edition  

What is Nintendo Switch OLED Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Edition?  

Set to release in early November to mark the launch of the latest installments in the widely-popular monster collecting series, the Nintendo Switch OLED Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Edition is pretty much exactly what it sounds like — a limited edition Nintendo Switch OLED themed around the game. The special edition console will retail for $359. 


The Nintendo Switch OLED Scarlet & Violet Edition features two unique Joy-Con controllers, one red and the other purple, and both are decked out in custom Pokemon Scarlet & Violet artwork. Plus, the back of the main Switch unit is also wrapped in a Pokemon decal that showcases the trio of starter Pokemon that you’ll have to choose from at the beginning of the game. The included docking station also features images of the new legendary Pokemon Koraidon and Miraidon. 

Rather bizarrely, the console doesn’t actually come with a copy of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. While this is a strange decision, it’s one that Nintendo has made in the past. Neither the Splatoon 3 or Animal Crossing New Horizons Switches came with copies of their respective games either. So if you also want to play the latest Pokemon game, and we can’t imagine anybody interested in this console doesn’t, then you’ll need to buy a copy separately. 

Outside of its new cosmetic look, this is the same great Nintendo Switch OLED console that was first released in October 2021. You get all of the OLED model’s improvements including the larger 7-inch OLED screen, wider adjustable kickstand, refreshed dock with ethernet port and 64GB of internal storage. Like its predecessor the Switch OLED is designed to play in either handheld or TV mode, and is the perfect system for gaming on the go.  

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