7 best new movies to watch this week on Netflix, HBO Max and more (Oct. 10-16)

This week’s slate of the big new movies to watch online is chock-full of horror, so much so that we’re not going to hide it. Interestingly enough, the slate of new Netflix movies is actually a tad bit light this week, but thankfully they’ve got a comedic Halloween movie where Marlon Wayans, Stranger Things’ Priah Ferguson and Rob Riggle have to tussle with the spirits of the undead. 

But the big release of the week hits on Friday when Halloween Ends. No, it’s not November 1st yet: the third and final chapter of the current Michael Myers saga concludes this week. And thankfully it’s going straight to Peacock. Sure, I’ll always argue that you should watch horror movies in movie theaters, but I can’t blame anyone who wants to stay home to see Laurie Strode’s last brawl. (Here’s where you can watch all the Halloween movies.)

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