My favorite PS5 SSD just crashed to lowest price ever for Prime Day

Earlier this year Sony partnered with Western Digital and named the WB_Black SN850 the first official PS5 SSD, and as part of Amazon’s second Prime Day event of the year, the almost essential next-gen console accessory has just dropped to a new lowest-ever price. 

For a limited time, the WB_Black SN850 1TB NVMe SSD w/ heatsink is on sale for $119 at Amazon (opens in new tab). That’s $60 off its full retail price of $179. While we have previously seen this SSD sale for as low as $129, this extra $10 discount brings it down to a new all-time low price.

You will need an Amazon Prime membership to claim this deal. Plus, if you need even more storage the WB_Black SN850 2TB NVMe SSD w/ heatsink is also on sale for $209 (opens in new tab), that’s a sizeable $100 discount. 

Considering its licensed status, it probably doesn’t come as a great surprise when I tell you the WD_Black SN850 SSD hits all of Sony’s requirements for a PS5 SSD (opens in new tab). I’ve also personally tested the drive in my own PS5 for more than a year and can report that it works flawlessly. When running games off the SN850 SSD I’ve experienced equal or shorter loading times when compared to playing them from the PS5’s stock hard drive.

If my own personal experience doesn’t quite put your mind at ease, Sony/Western Digital note the drive has been put through rigorous testing to confirm its suitability for hundreds of hours of play.  


Also, Sony advises that any SSD added to the PS5’s storage expansion slot should have a heatsink attached in order to prevent the console from running hot. The good news is the SN850 SSDs listed above all come with a pre-installed heatsink, saving you the hassle of having to buy a third-party one and attach it yourself. 

With plenty of heavy hitting games still to come in 2022, including Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 and God of War Ragnarok, you might find your PS5 hard drive space not stretching far enough to hold them all at once. But with a WB_Black SN850 added to your console, you’ll have all the space needed to store dozens of the best PS5 games without the headache of being forced to delete old favorites. 

I purchased my WB_Black SN850 at its original full price (an eyewatering $270), but I still feel like I’ve got solid value for money. The opportunity to score one during today’s Prime Day sale at a lowest ever price of $119 is a bargain that PS5 owners really shouldn’t pass up. 

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