Google Maps on iPhone finally got lock screen widgets — here’s how to add them

Google Maps has fully embraced iOS 16 with its latest update, as it now has its own set of lock screen widgets that you can try out right now.

In case you didn’t already know, Apple added the ability to add a handful of widgets to the lock screen as part of its big iOS 16 lock screen customization update. Third-party apps have only just begun to introduce their own lock screen widgets, with Google already having added them for Gmail, Chrome, Google Drive and Google News before now giving us new widgets for Google Maps and the regular Google app.

(Image credit: Tom’s Guide)

You have a choice of two Lock Screen widget types. The first (a two-slot widget) is for Frequent Trips, and acts as a shortcut to one of your favorited locations. The other is a quick search option that quickly scans your nearby area for specific types of business or service, similar to the chips you find at the top of the Google Maps main screen.

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