I ditched my iPad for a Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 — and it was better than I thought

The flexible Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 blurs the line between phone and tablet, but while I’ve read plenty about the Z Fold as a phone, I wanted to know how well it and its large inner display could perform as my trusty sidekick for a week’s worth of work.

After putting away my refurbished iPad Pro for seven days, I was pleasantly surprised at how the Z Fold 4 provides an honest challenge to tablets, be it the iPad Pro 2020 like mine, the latest iPad Pro 2021 or any of the other best iPads or best tablets. There are some hurdles to overcome because of the Z Fold’s unique design, but the main limitation to using the Z Fold as a tablet is the fact it’s still primarily a phone, and if you’re not using that part of it, you’re not getting your money’s worth.

Making the switch from the iPad to the Z Fold 4

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