New on Netflix: New movies and shows week of October 31

This week’s list of what’s new on Netflix shows that the horror villains have been defeated — for now. Yes, as we stride into November, Netflix is back to normal, with a whole lot of licensed shows and movies, a funny-looking new Original series, the return of a canceled NBC show and a sequel starring two actors from its biggest shows.

Yes, in the time Millie Bobby Brown and Henry Cavill didn’t spend thinking about Stranger Things season 5 and The Witcher season 3 gossip (and the news that The Witcher season 4 replaces Cavill with Liam Hemsworth), the two found time to work on Enola Holmes 2. The story this time sees Enola (Brown) striking out on her own in a new detective agency, only to find that people think she’s too young. Of course, she does get her own case — and it just so happens to intertwine with the one Sherlock (Cavill) is on.

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