The best cheap wireless earbuds in 2022

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We literally test hundreds of earbuds a year. This gives us heaps of knowledge about the market, and huge experience in assessing sound quality and weighing up the most important features for buyers, so you can rest assured that the models covered in this list deliver on sound quality despite their affordable price tag.

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In these financially challenging times, shopping for the best cheap wireless earbuds that balance great performance and price is the most important criteria. 

However, given the prices of some of these models is less than $50, it shouldn’t be too hard to understand that compromises may have been made to keep the costs low and that some of these may have an influence on sound quality. Just because these models are cheap, though, it doesn’t mean that they skimp on features. In some cases you may get models with active noise cancelling (ANC), but you don’t always need extra features to become one of the best cheap wireless earbuds around. 

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