I used this app for two weeks and made money just by walking my dog

As a fitness editor and a dog owner, I spend a lot of time walking and running outside, whatever the weather. Normally I’ll have completed a couple of thousand steps before sitting down at my desk at 9 AM, and more often than not, my day starts with an hour-long hike with an out milk latte in my hand, and my cocker spaniel in tow. So when I wrote an article about how to get paid to walk, I decided to download an app to my phone, just to see how much I could earn on the move.

The app I decided on was WeWard — a walking app with more than 10 million users in Europe that recently got released in the US. The app’s premise is simple: It’s free to download, and encourages people to walk more by allowing them to earn ‘wards’ for the steps they take. These wards can be converted into money, and the goal of the app is to improve health and cut down on carbon emissions. 

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