I lost my Wordle streak without losing or missing a game — here’s what happened

I’m an avid fan of Wordle. While I was late to the game (literally), I’ve been playing it everyday for more than a year now. Through it, myself and my mom chat more than ever before — we literally text our results to each other every morning, so it’s almost become as much a ritual as a daily game. And as I’m sure many of you know, with daily playing comes the inevitable build-up of the winning streak. The higher it gets, the more we sweat when we reach 5 or even 6 guesses. 

Most will have lost one game or another, perhaps due to an annoying word with just too many options, or simply because it’s something we’ve never heard of before. But, in either case, both myself and my mom, will (with teeth gritted) gracefully accept defeat as well as the score reset — no peeking at today’s Wordle answer for us. But, to my horror, my impressive streak of 180 recently reset to zero for no reason at all — I didn’t lose a game, I didn’t miss a day. Here’s what happened.

Why did my Wordle streak reset? 

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