The best PS5 early Black Friday deals: Games, headsets, SSDs and more

With Thanksgiving just about a week away, it’s almost time to score some of the best PS5 Black Friday deals. While you’re not going to find the console itself on sale (if you find the console at all), you can expect some deeply discounted games and accessories. And if you’d prefer to shop now and ignore the meshugas next week completely, you can already find some early Black Friday deals.

Be aware that finding PS5 deals on — or before — Black Friday might be tough. Historically speaking, Black Friday doesn’t have many standout sales on console games or accessories — especially on tough-to-find consoles like the PS5. 

Furthermore, the deals that do crop up tend to be on older games and gear, which you might already own. Still, there are quite a few good products on offer here. If you see something good, you might as well pick it up now. And if you don’t, check back again next week as we’ll continue to post deals as they pop up.

The best PS5 early Black Friday deals: Games 

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The best PS5 games are fairly reliable Black Friday discounts, with high-quality titles often available at anywhere between $10 and $30 off. Video game deals tend to recur frequently between Black Friday and New Year’s. 

The best PS5 early Black Friday deals: Gaming headsets 

Razer barracuda x review

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Most of our best gaming headset selections are compatible with the PS5. Gaming headset discounts are fairly frequent during Black Friday, although the best deals tend to be on older models, or on headsets that weren’t terribly expensive to begin with. Consult our reviews accordingly. 

The best PS5 early Black Friday deals: Accessories 

PS5 DualSense controller

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We’ve also rounded up a few discounts on various and sundry PS5 accessories, from internal SSDs to extra controllers. These deals tend to come and go frequently around Black Friday, so if you see something you like, pick it up while you can. 

The best PS5 early Black Friday deals: Consoles 

A Playstation 5 and controller on a TV stand next to a TV

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PS5 consoles are going to be in short supply between now and New Year’s, but we will keep you apprised of any we find. Stocks tend to come and go, so check back frequently. 

Looking for more gaming deals for the holidays? Stay tuned to our Black Friday deals coverage to avoid missing out.

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