Are memory foam mattresses hot?

Memory foam has gained massive popularity in the mattress market, thanks to its ability to meld to the body to provide a hugging feeling that many find soothing and supportive. There are plenty of all-foam models in our best mattress ranking, as well as foam-and-coil hybrids. While it’s common nowadays, if you’re used to innersprings, memory foam can be a confusing prospect. One of the most common questions people have is: are memory foam mattresses hot?

The short answer is that yes, memory foam can hold onto body heat. Fortunately, many manufacturers have made great strides in developing cooling foams (and gels) to help you sleep more comfortably while enjoying the sink-in comfort of these beds. That means today’s best memory foam mattresses are great at regulating temperature, and won’t leave you waking up feeling overheated. While those innovative cooling technologies are now trickling down to the affordable end of the market, cheaper memory foam beds can often still sleep on the warm side.

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