Qualcomm’s Snapdragon AR2 Gen 1 looks to power more compact AR headsets

WAILEA, Hawaii — Lots of hardware makers are reportedly developing AR glasses of their own, including Apple, though recent reports suggest we may not see Apple Glasses until 2026. In the meantime, Qualcomm just took the wraps off a new augmented reality-focused chipset that it claims will lead to lighter, more stylish glass designs while powering more robust AR experiences.

The new release, Qualcomm’s Snapdragon AR2 Gen 1, is the company’s first purpose-built platform for AR headgear. Qualcomm’s previous efforts in this space have focused on mixed reality with chipsets such as the Snapdragon XR 2 Gen 1 powering the Meta Quest 2 headset while the more recent Snapdragon XR 2 Plus Gen 1 is going to be the driving force behind the upcoming Meta Quest Pro.

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