This $19 gadget automated my garage with no hassles

Deciding on and installing home automation devices and sometimes even the best DIY home security systems can be a slightly daunting experience. There is so much to choose from with various products and different ecosystems and price points — it can certainly takes some time and research. There is always something to add or tweak to perfect it and with home security, you don’t want to leave anything to chance. I found this one gadget that helped me transform my garage in minutes by making it a “smart” garage.

Before I tell you more about this gadget, let me tell you the pain point that it solved for me. I recently went through the process of adding my own home security system and even though I write about technology for a living, a simple house automation project that requires tampering with wires, makes me anxious. Tinkering with gadgets — I love, but give me a mesh router to install myself and I might be quite at sea. I went ahead and ordered the simplest DIY home security system around — the Ring Alarm

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