7 things you should never clean with water in your home

Nothing can beat the cleansing powers of water. After all, it’s a universal go-to solution for washing and rinsing away grime, dirt and marks. But, did you know there are things you should never clean with water? 

In fact, cleaning these common household items with water will likely cause more harm than good. It can either leave behind unattractive spots and stains, or worse, cause permanent damage — which will cost you in the long run.  So before you fill up your bucket, or soak a cloth, beware of these surprising things you should never clean with water in your home. 

1. Hardwood and laminate flooring 

Cleaning hardwood floor (Image credit: Shutterstock)

Although it makes sense to grab the mop and bucket to clean our flooring, think again! If you regularly soak hardwood floors, the water can seep into the wood, wearing away the protective sealant. This will inevitably cause it to warp, swell or become discolored over time. Not only will this damage the quality of the flooring, but ruin the overall aesthetic of the room. 

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